• Alpine Rear View Camera - HCE-C252RD

Alpine Rear View Camera - HCE-C252RD

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  • HCE-C252RD
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Alpine Rear View Camera - HCE-C252RD

The optional rear view camera to go with the infotainment alpine system X701D-A which is for the Audi A4 and Audi A5.



Parking Assistance Technology


The optional rear-view camera system offers parking safety with cutting-edge camera technology.

The rear-view camera automatically activates when reversing and also mutes the audio so you can hear the parking sensor signals. You not only have a clear view to the rear, you can also see useful distance guides that are programmed to exactly match the Audi's measurements for easier parking.

With the HCE-C252RD you have a choice of four viewing modes. Multi-view splits the screen so you have a clearer view of both left and right behind the car. Top view is very convenient when backing up to hook up a trailer, enabling you to get within centimetres of the trailer. There's also a picture-in-picture function that shows the regular rear view in a small screen when you've selected a special viewing mode.


Only Compatable:

 The infotainment alpine system X701D-A

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