• Audi Phone Cradle Gen II and III - Apple iPhone 4/4S (8T0 051 435 F)

Audi Phone Cradle Gen II and III - Apple iPhone 4/4S (8T0 051 435 F)

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Genuine Audi Mobile Phone Cradle Generation II & III - Apple iPhone 4/4S (8T0 051 435 F)

Phone cradle for use with GSM mobile phone preparation. The cradle provides full GSM connectivity and also charges the handset.

This is a genuine Audi part.

Exact-fit phone cradle together with all the necessary connections. For connecting with the mobile phone preparation in the vehicle. Only in conjunction with 2nd or 3rd generation

preparation for mobile telephone. Simply well connected: mobile phone adapter to connect with the mobile phone preparation in your vehicle. Important note: Since this adapter cannot be used

in all vehicles, please contact your Audi Partner regarding vehicle-specific restrictions. Up-to-date information on vehicle-specific functions, restrictions and firmware versions can be found at:

www.audi.de/telefon. Only in combination with factory-fitted mobile phone preparation


Manufacturer Part No: 8T0 051 435 F, 8T0051435F

Compatible with Apple iPhone 4/4S. Audi Cradle Part Number 8T0 051 435 F

In vehicles with generation II of the AUDI mobile phone preparation BluetoothR it is possible to connect the phone via Bluetooth.

In vehicles with generation III AUDI mobile phone preparations, mobile phones are exclusively connected through Bluetooth.

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