• Autoleads SOT-1003HB / CTTAU004 Audi A4, S3 Parrot SOT Lead

Autoleads SOT-1003HB / CTTAU004 Audi A4, S3 Parrot SOT Lead

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Installation lead for connecting your car amplified stereo to a music bluetooth car kit..

The Music Mute interface lead allows you to install music Bluetooth and mono handsfree kits into pre-amplified vehicles. Allowing phone audio from 4 speakers. Importantly it allows stereo music streaming for handsfree kits that support this feature. eg. Parrot MKi9000, MKi9100, MKi9200, Asteroid Tablet, Asteroid Mini and THB Bury CC-9068 Kit. The music leads are used primarily for the fitting of Parrot Bluetooth Music Kits, Nokia Music Kits and THB Bury Music Kits but can be used with other bluetooth devices and hands free kits.

Check the compatibility tab if supported with your vehicle make, model, year and OEM radio.

System Operation - The interface is designed to be plug and play at the back of the original head unit. No additional wiring or cutting of wires is required. A 4 position switch allows you to select any combination of the 4 speakers you wish the handsfree kit audio to be output from. The remote connection to the amplifier allows you to also receive a phone call when the original head unit is turned off. The first ring of the phone call activates the amplifier, allowing you to receive the handsfree audio through all 4 speakers..

The music and mute lead is compatible with the following hands free kits:

  • All Parrot Music Hands-Free Kits,
  • All Nokia Music Kits,
  • All Bury Music Kits
  • Or other Music Bluetooth Hands Free device which have an ISO wiring harness.

Key Features:

  • Cuts out the car radio
  • Routes the telephone conversation through the car speakers
  • Importantly routes the music through front and back car speakers thus giving stereo sound
  • No damage to car wiring - simple plug n play operation
  • Does not invalidate car warranty.

Compatible with all Parrot Music hands free kits, all Bury music Kits, iO music Kits and most other Music Hands Free Kits.

Please make sure your vehicle is listed in the following compatibility chart:

Autoleads SOT-1003HB / CTTAU004

Audi Compatibility Chart

Car ModelYearRadio DescriptionNotes
A4Sep 2005 - Jan 2008Half BOSE -Amped Quadlock / 06-122B can be used in place of 132B
A4Sep 2004 - Aug 2005Quadlocked - Half BOSE Amped / Mute/input requires dealer activation
S3Mar - 2007 >Half BOSE Amped

Hands Free Kit Compatibility:

Suitable for Parrot, Nokia, THB Bury and other car kits with ISO plugs - check your car kit specification for details.

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