• Connects2 Aux Interface Adaptor For Seat - CTVSTX002

Connects2 Aux Interface Adaptor For Seat - CTVSTX002

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Connects2 Aux Adaptor - CTVSTX002

Connects 2 Aux Input to OEM Adapter Interface for Seat  Non Pre-wired head units

"Please check the compatibility section, if supported with your car"

This auxiliary input adapter enables a seamless connection of external audio source to your factory fitted radio. You can connect any audio sources ( such as portable MP3 player, iPod, etc ) via RCA sockets or by using the supplied RCA to 3.5mm headphone cable.

This auxiliary input interface connect to original head units via the CD changer port and trick the unit into believing it is playing a CD changer, whilst really playing the audio from another sources. This means the audio can be produced at a much higher quality.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a basic entry level solution. You will have to use the iPod or iPhones own buttons to select the music. To control the iPod from the OEM radio or steering wheel buttons please refer to our more advance iPod kits from Dension and Dice.

Connects2 Aux Adaptor - CTVSTX002

Seat Compatibility Chart

Car ModelYearRadio DescriptionNotes
1999 - 2005Radio has to be on ISO
Toledo1999 - 2005Radio has to be on ISO
Leon2000 - 2005Radio has to be on ISO

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