• Dension Gateway Pro BT GWP1AC1 - Audi A3, A4, TT iPod/iPhone/USB Bluetooth Car Kit

Dension Gateway Pro BT GWP1AC1 - Audi A3, A4, TT iPod/iPhone/USB Bluetooth Car Kit

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Dension Gateway Pro BT Bluetooth handsfree, music and iPod, iPhone, USB music playback all-in-one interface. A full system dedicated to music in the car. Made for iPod & Works with iPhone.

iPod and USB playback with bluetooth handsfree in one device

The Dension Gateway Pro BT connects iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth phone or a USB storage device to the original car radio, providing

  • Handsfree Bluetooth Calls
  • music playback
  • DAB digital audio option
  • menu based control  and text browsing
  • device charging (1A)

The Dension Gateway Pro BT offers handsfree mobile call handling, and Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming (via A2DP). All controlled through the radio or steering wheel controls and displays your information on the cluster display (between the dials). Bluetooth chip is installed on board.

note: images for illustration only, may not resemble your exact model

Control at your fingertips

The Gateway Pro BT works like an interpreter between your devices and the car, converting instructions from the car’s controls into a language that your phone or iPod can understand and respond to. When connected to the car's audio system, the Gateway Pro BT (usually) emulates a CD changer, thus making those controls on the radio available to control the devices connected to it. Of course, every Gateway Pro BT comes with a comprehensive user manual, but in most cases, you select the CD changer function, and a series of menus are opened up for you to control your devices. The 'next/previous track' key and/or steering wheel controls.

Gateway Pro BT will also send all this information to the display in your car, which might be in the radio, the cluster display (between the dials), or the center console, so you can always see exactly where you are, what’s playing, or who’s calling you.

Gateway Pro BT incorporates the iPod UI mode which makes it available for the user to control music playback through the original interface of the device.

The Phone option provides full access to the phone book and call logs (received, missed, dialed).


Supported USB devices

  • USB: Flash Memory and Hard Disk Drive (UBS1.1
  • and higher)
  • File System: FAT16 or FAT32
  • Storage capacity: up to 320 GB music content
  • Music Format: MP3, WMA and WAV, OGG

Supported Apple devices

  • iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, and 3G
  • iPod Touch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4thgeneration)
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod (4thgeneration)
  • iPod nano(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5thand 6thgeneration)
  • iPod mini
  • iPod Photo 4G
  • iPod Video 5G

Supported Bluetooth devices

  • a huge variety of Bluetooth handsets
  • music playback through A2DP
  • Android support (A2DP or 'Mass Storage')

Package contents:

  • Hardware
  • Car side harness
  • Installation and user guide
  • Microphone

Addons available for Gateway PRO BT*

Dension Gateway Cradle The Active cradle is meant to be mounted to the dashboard via the supplied vent clips that allow you to attach the Cradle to any vents on the dash so the iPhone/iPod display is clear to see and the device is easier to control.

Dension Gateway iPod Cable The Dock cable is designed so that the iPhone/iPod/USB is discretely tucked in the glove box or armrest. The Dock Cable is the obvious choice if you wish to use the Dension Gateway iPod Interface Mode.

Dension 3.5mm AUX Cable The cable is designed to plug into your device which has a 3.5mm Aux-in and can be discretely tucked in the glove box or armrest. The AUX input jack cable is the obvious choice if you wish to connect the Dension Gateway to a music device with 3.5mm AUX-in eg. MP3 player.

Dension Connector Port for Gateway Pro BT - EXT1CP2 is recommended since the Pro kit does not come with a USB extension cable, and the main module usually gets tucked away. The EXT1CP2 allows you to reset the module, update the firmware easily, use USB and it also adds a 3.5 jack. It also has a bypass switch with a nice status LED for servicing purposes. Cable is 4 feet in length. EXT1CP2 is required if both USB and Auxiliary inputs are desired. 30 Pin iPod docking connection still requires the IP05DC9.
The EXT1CP2 is an optional device that connects to the Gateway Pro BT allowing flexibility concerning mounting options for USB and Auxiliary input. Also recommended if you want to easily update the firmware.

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) The DAB for Gateway is a brand new interface from Dension which allows access to a new Digital Audio experience in your vehicle. Browse, select and listen to DAB, as easily as you use your normal FM radio. The DAB module is an optional extra.

Dension Gateway Pro BT iPod/iPhone/USB Bluetooth Car Kit - GWP1AC1

Audi Compatibility Chart

Car ModelYearRadio DescriptionNotes
A32007 - 2012Concert GEN II+1,2,3
A32007 - 2012Chorus GEN II+1,2,3
A32007 - 2012Symphony GEN II+ 1,2,3
A32007 - 2009Navigation Plus RNS-E 1,2,3
A42005 - 2008Concert GEN II+ 1,2,3
A42005 - 2008Chorus GEN II+ 1,2,3
A42005 - 2008Symphony GEN II+ 1,2,3
A42005 - 2008RNS-E 1,2,3
TT2007 - 2012Concert GEN II+1,2,3
TT2007 - 2012Chorus GEN II+ 1,2,3
TT2007 - 2012Symphony GEN II+ 1,2,3
TT2007 - 2009RNS-E 1,2,3

Note 1: Tuner RDS capable cluster is required
Note 2: Satellite (SAT) option cannot be used if Gateway fitted (only in US)
Note 3: The car must have steering wheel controls & tuner RDS capable cluster display in order to use Gateway Pro. Original phone module must be removed for using our phone function.


After installation you may need to code the vehicle to activate the telephone and iPod. Please contact an Audi dealer or workshop with diagnostic software. Alternatively please use a VAGCOM device to activate.

Please also check Phone Compatibility if you are going to use the Bluetooth handsfree on the Gateway Pro. For technical support including downloads please visit the Dension website.

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iPod Kit Features iPod/iPhone, USB

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