• Citroen C3 Reversing Rear View Camera Kit (Universal)

Citroen C3 Reversing Rear View Camera Kit (Universal)

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Citroen C3 Reversing Rear View Camera

Citroen Reversing Kit

This is an universal camera kit which will let you create a bespoke reversing camera kit solution for your Citroen C3. You can select from two types of displays and two types of cameras creating a reversing rear view camera kit perfect for you. 

Both rear view display screens are the same quality, the only difference is where each display screen is positioned in the vehicle. The mirror monitor screen simply clips over your existing rear view mirror and becomes dual purpose. The second type of display screen is a discreet monitor which you can either sit in one corner of the dashboard or secure to the windscreen via a suction mount. 

You can also choose from two types of universal cameras. The wedge camera type is drilled into the body work and gives a factory fitted finish. The number plate type is a backplate with a built-in camera that fits behind the registration number plate. Both will produce a high quality image and fixed guidelines for extra help when reversing or parking. 

The displays you can select from are two different display screens, they are both at the same quality but the only difference is where you place the display screen. The first display screen is a mirror monitor which you simply clip onto your existing rear view mirror. The second display screen is a monitor which you can choose either, if you would like to stick it on dash or the windscreen.

Mirror Monitor

Dash Monitor

mirror monitor for citroen c3 monitor for citroen c3
  • 4.3 Colour TFT/LCD Monitor
  • High Brightness Digital Screen
  • Super Slim and Light Design
  • Sensitive touch button Control
  • 16:9 Format
  • 2x Video inputs
  • 1x Audio input
  • Easily Clips Onto Existing Mirror
  • 3.5" Monitor for Reverse Camera
  • Video Input: 2Way video input
  • Display Format: 4:3
  • Body Colour: Black
  • Size: 100mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 25mm(H)

The universal cameras you can select from are two the same cameras that produce a high quality image and guidelines for extra help when reversing or parking. When selecting which camera to purchase you have to think about if you would like a camera fitted to your car like a factory fitted camera, which is drilled-in above the number plate, or a number plate camera?

Wedge Camera

The high quality Sony lens with CCD chip set, is drilled in just above the number plate and gives a discrete look, just like it was factory fitted. The CCD chip set will give you a clear and sharp picture in low light conditions, also the camera will work perfectly well in rainy conditions.  


  • IP Rate – IP67 (waterproof/ dust resistant)
  • 170 Degree viewing angle
  • Illumination down to 0.1 lux
  • Displays parking grid lines
  • Resolution 520 (TV line)
  • NTSC format
  • Dimensions 34mm x 30mm

C3 reversing rear view wedge camera

Number Plate Camera 

The number plate camera is pretty similar to the wedge camera, both use the Sony CCD lens, however unlike the camera above there is no drilling involved and just attaches to the car, leaving your car in the same condition as it was before installing the reversing rear view camera. 


  • Dimensions 136mm 340mm

C3 reversing rear view number plate camera

Benifits of having a reverse camera for cars

  • Guidelines can be really helpful so the driver knows exactly the width of the vehicle to park.
  • Clearly show the ground behind the car, of which may not normally be visible from the driver’s view (blind spots)
  • Greater vehicle safety management
  • Makes driving much more convenient

*Installation is optional via the dropdown

pdf Refer to the compatibility section to check your vehicle variant is supported.

Citroen C3 Camera Kit

Citroen C3 Compatibility Chart

Car ModelYearRadio DescriptionNotes
C3Alln/a    1 

1. If you would like to purchase a mirror monitor, you will have to check if it will clip onto you rear view mirror, the image below will help you. (if you are unsure please send us a picture and we will let you know if its compatible).

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