• Connects2 AutoDAB Digital DAB OEM Radio Tuner for BMW (SWDAB-BM1)

Connects2 AutoDAB Digital DAB OEM Radio Tuner for BMW (SWDAB-BM1)

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Connects2 AutoDAB Digital DAB tuner interface


Are looknig for an affordable, reliable solution to add Digital DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) tuner to your OEM or aftermarket radio? Look no further, the Connects2 AutoDAB is a revolutionary device that allows you to transform your OEM FM radio into a real digital receiver! AutoDAB receives the digital signal from a DAB antenna and modulates it to the OEM radio installed in your car. With digital radio, you can get all the digital stations bringing you extra news, sport, music, comedy, drama, children's programmes and more. There's such a wide selection you'll find plenty to suit your own particular interests. And you can also listen to your existing favourites, hiss and crackle-free, in crystal clear digital sound quality. BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 live, the World Service and most BBC local radio stations, for example, are available on DAB..


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Connects2 AutoDAB fully integrated

Full Integration

DAB stations can be selected from the vehicles steering wheel controls, displays text on radio including song, artist information. Hide away design with no trailing wires giving seamless integration into your vehicle.

Control at your Fingertips

Using the steering wheel access100's of new radio stations with voice prompt menu system for added safety. DAB / DAB+ and DMB supported.



The AutoDAB is designed for professional installation. There are three key parts to the OEM integrated AutoDAB tuner: the main control box of electronics which is hidden away in the car, steering wheel wiring harness and a windscreen mount DAB aerial. The digital DAB stations are selected with your steering wheel and existing radio buttons.

Key Features of the Connects2 AutoDAB

  • Compatible with any FM original radio
  • Compatible with any aftermarket radio
  • Listen to 100's of new radio stations
  • Easy Installation
  • HIde away design - no trailing wires
  • Use existing car controls and displays
  • Voice prompt menue system, for added safety
  • DAB / DAB+ / DMB supported

Whats Included in the Package

  • 1 Hide away DAB tuner box
  • 1 DAB antenna
  • 1 Steering wheel integration lead (car make specific check compatibility*)
  • 1 power cables
  • 1 Installation - this is optional please select above (see installation tab for further details)
  • 1 user guide

*check compatibility section if this package is supported with your car make & model.

Addons available for AutoDAB*

External antenna; the standard DAB antenna is unsuitable for use on thermic metallic and heated windscreens. We recommend an external body mount option. You may also want to consider an external antenna if the digital signal is not strong in your area. It is advisable to check stations and signal strength in your area.

DAB Antenna Option

In most cases the internal windscreen mounted aerial supplied as standard will be adequate. However you may be interested in upgrading to one of our externally mounted aerials for optimum performance. Please check the signal coverage in your area to help you decide. Note: The standard internal glass mount aerial will not work on metallised or heated windscreens found in some cars.

* Please select from the Options to purchase.

Connects2 AutoDAB BMW CTDAB-BM1 Compatibility

BMW CTDAB-BM1 Compatibility Chart

Car ModelYearRadio DescriptionNotes
1-Series (E81/87)
2005 - 2010Business Professional, i-Drive (Quadlock)1
3-Series (E90)2006 - 2011Business Professional, i-Drive (Quadlock)  1
5-Series (E60)2005 - 2009Business Professional, i-Drive (Quadlock)  1
6-Series (E63)2005 - 2010Business Professional, i-Drive (Quadlock)   1
X3 (E83/F25)2008 - 2012Business Professional, i-Drive (Quadlock)   1
Mini (R56)2006 >Business Professional, i-Drive (Quadlock)   1
X6 (E71/72)2008 >Business Professional, i-Drive (Quadlock)   1

pdf1. If you are unsure about the suitability of this product please contact us via the ask us about this item link at the top of this page or telephone us and we will gladly assist you.

Radio Stations

Popular UK stations - correct as of Jan 2012. For the latest digital station list please check online. You may also check here >>>

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If you require this product professionally fitted please contact us for a quotation.

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