• PURE Highway 300Di In-Car Digital DAB Radio and Audio Adapter

PURE Highway 300Di In-Car Digital DAB Radio and Audio Adapter

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In-Car Digital DAB Radio and Audio Adapter with Full iPod/iPhone/iPad/USB Control

A revolutionary new high-performance in-car adapter, Highway 300Di brings all the benefits of digital radio to the car (where we do on average nearly 20% of our listening), delivering more choice, including unique to digital stations like BBC 6 Music and Planet Rock, as well as dramatically improved digital sound quality for existing AM stations such as BBC 5 Live, talkSPORT and Absolute Radio. Highway is a professionally installed solution providing outstanding digital radio reception, discreet looks, ease of use, additional features such as digital radio pause and rewind and a wide range of digital music options.

Highway 300Di provides outstanding DAB performance with an active aerial for best-in-class reception; direct input to your car radio for a stronger signal (via its aux-in or aerial input); and dual digital radio tuners. These two tuners enable Highway to provide a dynamic station list; while you listen to one station, Highway constantly monitors for new stations, keeping the station list perfectly up to date.

Designed to keep in-car clutter to a minimum, Highway 300Di is made up of three professionally installed components: a main unit, controller, and aerial. Picture illustrating Alpine KAE-300DA external active windscreen aerial which is optional. Highway 300Di supplied with internal windscreen aerial.

The main unit is discretely installed behind the dashboard or in the glovebox with extension cables run to convenient points for connecting your iPod, iPhone, iPad, USB music device or a USB memory stick for music playback or software upgrades.

Highway 300Di’s compact, removable controller has a high-contrast OLED display that’s easy to read from any angle, night or day. Back-lit buttons and a simple rotary control make it easy to change a station, pause the radio and control your digital music devices.

The aerial is active (powered) for unsurpassed reception.

Highway 300Di is designed for, and provides full control of, the iPod, iPhone and iPad. It also provides similar control and playback from USB memory sticks.


The Highway 300Di is designed for professional installation. There are three key parts to the 300Di system: the control unit which goes on the dashboard, the main box of electronics which can be hidden away elsewhere in the car, and a two-part powered DAB aerial (above). One part of the aerial fits externally to the top of the windscreen, the other part inside the car. The display (control unit) can be fixed anywhere on the dash with a self-adhesive pad and can be removed without damaging the interior finish of your car should you change vehicles.

Features & benefits of the Pure Highway 300Di:

  • DAB dynamic station list updates continuously
  • Play tracks direct from your iPod/iPhone/iPad via USB
  • Connect any MP3 player that has an Aux-in connection
  • Compact, dash-mounted detachable controller with easy to read OLED display
  • Controller easily removed for security/safe keeping
  • Main unit fitted behind dash or in glovebox
  • Active through-glass aerial with best-in-class performance
  • Highway 300Di has an OLED display with fantastic contrast making it easy-to-read from any angle and at night

Whats in the box:

  • Pure 300Di
  • Interface box
  • Controller
  • Includes internal windscreen DAB antenna (Alpine KAE-300DA external active windscreen aerial is optional)
  • Antenna amplifier
  • Antenna internal coupler
  • Cable kit

PURE Highway 300Di In-Car Digital DAB Radio and Audio Adaptor

PURE Highway 300Di Compatibility Chart

Car ModelYearRadio DescriptionNotes
works with all car makes


Note 1: This radio adaptor unit fits into 95% of cars.* Wiring adaptor may be required (additional cost).

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