• DAS Digital TV Tuner DVB-T/DAB Porsche PCM 3.0/3.1 - CTDASPO02

DAS Digital TV Tuner DVB-T/DAB Porsche PCM 3.0/3.1 - CTDASPO02

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DAS Digital TV Tuner DVB-T/DAB Porsche PCM 3.0/3.1 - CTDASPO02

DAS receivers Automatically locate and maintain the strongest audio/video signal found in the area, ensuring the best reception during the whole journey. DAS software combines the RDS system with DVB-T and the result is a very smart and easy to use receiver that analyzes and automatically scans the frequencies by eliminating the manual scanning of TV channels.

  • Store 10 favourite TV channels which will always be visible on the menu bars.
  • signal reception quality is constantly updated in real time for all TV channels and the 3 colours system shows the quality of signal.
  • installer video program showing antenna signal strength.
  • Diversity antennas allow optimum reception *Tested performance at 220km/h speed.

The DAS fibre optic range of DVBT receiver's offer a plug and play upgrade to the existing multimedia system, whether it is to replace an analogue TV tuner or to add DVBT to a vehicle without any TV tuner. Not only does DVBT offer TV channels, but also digital radio.

The receiver contains four diversity tuners allowing optimal signal strength and therefore picture quality and sound to be acheived. The TV Channels can be controlled via the vehicles original controls, either from the steering wheel or the multimedia controls. Each of the receivers is software upgradeable via the DAS website.

OEM-Menu Driven Operation by Using

  • PCM 3.1 Operation Panel (6 TV Channels from the PCM unit and further stations via remote control)
  • Multifunctional steering wheel (if available)
  • No installation of additional screens, speakers or operation panels neccessary


  • Compliant with DVB-T Mpeg-2 & Mpeg-4
  • PAY TV / CAM Slot - PAY TV or CAM CARD is not supplied.
  • 4 Antenna Receivers
  • 4 DiBcom 9090MA tuners diversity 4
  • RDS System Applied in DVB-T
  • Automatic Search and Scanning Functions
  • Update Signal Reception in Real Time
  • Sizes:mm180x130/20
  • Software Upgrade via Web
  • Storage 999 TV Channels
  • Memory Functions After Power Off
  • Support Multi Languages

Whats Included in the Package

  • DVB-T/DAB Tuner Box
  • Car Specific Wiring Harness
  • 4 Active Aerials
  • DCABFK-RCA / DCABMQS-RCA Video In Adapter

Why Use DAS

The DAS is not only a multimedia box - but a unit that has been specifically developed to work as an OEM system. All of it's functions are integrated into the existing infotainment system of the vehicle. It is not necessary to install additional speakers, screens or separate control units in your vehicle. You get everything displayed on the original existing vehicle screen.

The DAS is operated by using the existing car controls or can be multi-function steering wheel operated. You will not need to add any new components, such as remote control's or additional displays.

The system has a unique single box design incorporating all components, allowing for a fast and uncomplicated installation.


DAS Digital TV Tuner DVB-T/DAB Porsche PCM 3.0/3.1 - CTDASPO02

Porsche Compatibility Chart

Car ModelYearRadio DescriptionNotes
2009 >PCM 3.0 / PCM 3.1
Cayman2009 >PCM 3.0 / PCM 3.1
Cayenne2004 >PCM 3.0 / PCM 3.1
996 - 997 - 9112009 >PCM 3.0 / PCM 3.1
Panamera2009 >PCM 3.0 / PCM 3.1

pdfVehicle must have a green Fakra connector otherwise the car cannot accept an original or aftermarket TV tuner. Always best to check the back of the unit first. This is a specialist product  so we recommend you have it fitted by a professional installer. If in doubt please contact us.


If you require this product professionally fitted please contact us for a quotation.

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