• Dension Gateway 500 GW51MO2 - Mercedes CLK, CLS, E-Class iPod iPhone Interface Adaptor

Dension Gateway 500 GW51MO2 - Mercedes CLK, CLS, E-Class iPod iPhone Interface Adaptor

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Dension Gateway 500 iPod car kit

The Dension iPod Interface brings complete integration of the Apple iPod or iPhone with your factory fitted stereo. The Dension Gateway 500 is a digital device, using fibre optic connections, which works with cars which use the MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) digital system to carry entertainment information around the car. These cars are predominantly the higher specification models of Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, plus some Aston Martin, Saab and Volvo models.

BMW        Radio
note: images are for illustration only - may not resemble your actual car radio

Full Integration

Once the Gateway 500 is installed, you can connect your iPod or USB and display it’s content on your vehicle screen. There are no extra boxes to stick on the dashboard, or unsightly cables trailing around the vehicle. The interior of your car looks exactly like it did the day you bought it, it just does a lot more.

Control at your fingertips

Once the Gateway 500 is installed, you can connect your iPod or USB and display its content on your vehicle screen. By adding the optional AVR adapter, you can control video input around different screens in the car, including iPod video. Gateway 500 works like an adapter between your devices and the car, converting instructions from the cars controls e.g. BMW iDrive, Audi MMi rotary controller, Porsche PCM, into a language that your phone or iPod can understand and respond to. When connected into the car, Gateway 500 emulates a CD changer, but has a switch which allows you to swap between the Gateway and the changer. Of course, every Dension Gateway 500 car adapter comes with a comprehensive user manual, but in most cases, you select the CD changer function, then CD6, and a series of menus are opened up to you to control your devices. The system controller in the car is then all you need to navigate around your devices. Gateway 500 will also send all this information to the display in your car, usually a screen, so you can always see exactly where you are, whats playing, or whos calling you. There are a few MOST audio systems which do not support text from the iPod, and for these we would recommend using a Gateway Lite.

Text Information

Using the controls on the radio or the steering wheel, the menus of the iPod can then be browsed and music selected. Depending on your cars display capability, you will see information displayed on your radio or information cluster telling you the song details (e.g. Songs, albums, artists etc).

Key Features of the Dension Gateway 500

  • Play iPod and USB music devices through the car radio, using the car radio controls to browse and select items from your device
  • Play iPod video or DVD in the car’s original screen**
  • Charge your iPod/iPhone while driving
  • Display song information, phonebook and caller ID* in the car’s factory fitted original display
  • Wide range of accessories to extend functionality

**Requires Audio Video Router (AVR) accessory and/or DVD source

Whats Included in the Package

  • Gateway 500 module
  • iPod and iPhone docking cable IPDC1GW
  • Audio Video Router (AVR) - optional please select
  • Vehicle specific fibre-optic harness
  • Installation - optional please select

If you require Bluetooth option order Dension 500S model - refer to Similar Products tab.

Addons available for Gateway 500*

Dension Audio Video Router AVR is an accessory for Gateway 500 which facilitates the playback and source control of video signals. With 4 inputs, you can plug a DVD player, reversing camera and games console, as well as having iPod and USB available through the Gateway 500 itself. AVR can also process video signals from the iPod, and play them back on the original screen in the car.

If you have rear screens fitted, the menu on your audio system expands to offer you each of the sources you have connected to the Gateway and AVR, as RSE (rear seat entertainment) options. You can select one source for the front, and an alternative for the rear.

There are AVR processors available for BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, but your car will need a specific system to be able to use it - check compatibility section for radio models supported.

* Please select from the Option menu to purchase.

Dension Gateway 500 GW51MO2 iPod Car Kit

Mercedes Compatibility Chart

Car ModelYearRadio DescriptionAVRBluetoothNotes

C-Class2004 - 2007Audio20
C-Class2004 - 2007Audio50

C-Class2004 - 2007ComandAVRG5M272,4


CLK 2005ComandAVRG5M272,4,5,6
CLS2004 - 2007Audio20
CLS2004 - 2007 Audio50

CLS2004 - 2007 ComandAVRG5M172,4,5,6


2003 - 2007Audio20
E-Class 2003 - 2007Audio50

E-Class 2003 - 2007ComandAVRG5M172,4,5,6
G Class2005Audio20
G Class2005Audio50

G Class2005ComandAVRG5M272,4,5,6
GL Class2005Audio20
GL Class2005Audio50

GL Class2005ComandAVRG5M272,4,5,6
M Class2005Audio20
M Class2005Audio50

M Class2005ComandAVRG5M272,4,5,6
R Class2005Audio20
R Class2005Audio50

R Class2005ComandAVRG5M272,4,5,6
S Class2003 - 2007ComandAVRG5M272,4,5,6
SL Class2005 - 2007ComandAVRG5M172,4,5,6
SLK Class2006ComandAVRG5M172,4,5,6
SLR Class2005Comand


NOTE 1. MOST, non-text capable
NOTE 2. MOST, text capable
NOTE 3. D2B, non-text capable
NOTE 4. For BTA use GW51MO2 is needed (GWL1MO1 does not support BTA use). BTA1500 works on EU spec. cars only
NOTE 5. AVR works with EU specification cars only
NOTE 6. The head unit must have video input in order to have video display on its screen
NOTE 7. For Bluetooth option order Dension 500S instead - refer to Similar Products tab.

iPod/iPhone Supported Models:

  • iPod 3G
  • iPod 4G and 4G Photo
  • iPod Mini
  • iPod 5G Video
  • iPod nano (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations)
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod Touch (1st, 2nd generations)
  • iPod Touch (1st, 2nd generations)
  • iPhone 1G
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4

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