• Autoleads SOT-096 Nissan Parrot SOT Lead

Autoleads SOT-096 Nissan Parrot SOT Lead

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Installation lead for connecting aftermarket handsfree kit to car radio speakers

This ISO2Car lead also referred to as a SOT (Sound On Top) lead is used primarily for the fitting of a Parrot Bluetooth, Nokia and THB Bury hands free kit but can also be used with other bluetooth car kits and hands free kits.

Check the compatibility tab if supported with your car make, model, year and OEM radio

System Operation - The ISO2Car leads are designed to plug onto the end of the ISO leads supplied with your Parrot Bluetooth, THB BURY or Nokia car kit and convert the ISO connecting plug to one specific to your vehicles radio system. Use this lead when the ISO connector plugs on your handsfree car kit wiring harness are not suitable for connnecting directly to your car radio system.

The ISO2Car lead is compatible with the following hands free car kits:

Parrot, Nokia and THB Bury. Also compatible with other bluetooth devices which have an ISO wiring harness, check your car kit specifications for further details.

Key Features

  • Cuts out the car radio
  • Routes the telephone conversation through the car speakers
  • Routes music through the car speakers where supported
  • No damage to car wiring - simple plug n play operation
  • Does not invalidate car warranty

Compatibility for Kram 86160 / Autoleads SOT-096 / PC000028AA,PC000031AA

Nissan Compatibility Chart

Car ModelYearRadio DescriptionNotes
350 Z
Mar - 2004 >Non-Bose / Behind Passenger Seat (Glovebox)
350 ZMar - 2004 >Bose CR15B / Behind Passenger Seat (Glovebox)
AltimaAug 1996 - Sep 2006

FrontierMar 2000 - Aug 2007Non-Amplified
MicraJul - 2000 >Most Common (See Below) / Two Speaker vehicles use on one plug 1
MuranoMar - 2005Bose CR15B
MuranoMar - 2005 >Non-Bose / Hard Wire Possible
NavaraMar - 2006 >Most Common(See Below) 1
PathfinderAug 2005 - Mar 2007Most Common (See Below) / Behind Centre Console 1
PrimeraMar 2002 - Mar 2003Most Common (See Below)1
SentraSep 1996 - Aug 2006

SkylineFeb - 1999 >Most Common (See Below)1
Terrano 2Feb 2002 - Feb 2004Most Common (See Below) 1
TerranoJul 1993 - May 2000Most Common (See Below) 1
TitanMar 2002 - Aug 2007

XterraMar 2002 - Aug 2007

X-TrailMar - 2004 >Most Common (See Below)1
X-TrailMar 2002 - Feb 2004Most Common (See Below) 1


Radio Model SOT Lead       BA010 (PN-2646F)     N/A   BP6350  SOT-063   06-063B   BP9345 SOT-075   06-075B   BP9649 SOT-075   06-075B   CH340 SOT-096   06-096B   CH907 SOT-075   06-075B   CK106 SOT-096   06-096B   CK926 SOT-063   06-063B   CK936 SOT-063   06-063B   CNA48 SOT-096   06-096B   CN688 N/A   N/A   CR09B SOT-959   06-096B/BOSE   CT00A SOT-075   06-075B   CT020  SOT-075   06-075B   CT058 SOT-075   06-075B   CT098 SOT-075   06-075B   CT138 SOT-075   06-075B   CT158 N/A   N/A   CY01B SOT-075   06-075B   CY02A SOT-075   06-075B   CY03A SOT-096   06-096B   CY05D SOT-075   06-075B   CY06A SOT-096   06-096B   CY10D SOT-075   06-075B   CY11C SOT-918   06-918B   CY12B SOT-096

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