• Bury Apple iPhone 5 / 5S System 9 Active Charging Cradle & Base Plate

Bury Apple iPhone 5 / 5S System 9 Active Charging Cradle & Base Plate

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Bury Apple iPhone 5 / 5S System 9 Charging Active Cradle + Base Plate

The System 9 is the extension for Bluetooth hands-free car kits, which do not independently support the use of an external antenna or the charging function of the mobile phones battery. The components of the System 9 are designed for Bluetooth hands-free car kits of all manufacturers.

The basePlate and system 9 active cradle are the two main parts of the system. This package consists of the System 9 active cradle  and the basePlate. Other accessories required include an antenna and a vehicle specific mounting bracket for fastening the basePlate to the car dashboard. If you select the optional installation service then we will include the bracket and antenna FREE of charge.

Using the System 9 Active Cradle:

Simply clip the Bury System 9 active cradle into the basePlate. It will start charging your mobile device instantly!

basePlate     system 9 iphone cradle system 9 iphone cradle

Key Features:

  • Securely holds and charges your mobile device
  • Boosts mobile device reception if basePlate wired to external antenna
  • Connects to car battery for power
  • Thief and future-proof: System 9 cradle together with mobile phone detachable
  • No messy untidy wires cluttering the dash

Whats Includes In The Package:

  • System 9 active charging cradle
  • basePlate - holding plate for cradle
  • Installation - optional please select (includes FREE mounting bracket & antenna)

Addons available for BURY System 9 Car Kit*

This system 9 car kit will require fitting accessories to complete the installation. Purchase the fitting accessory pack if you plan to carry out a DIY installation or if you are going to source a local engineer. Otherwise we recommend to purchase the installation option which includes the fitting accessory pack.

* Please select from the add-on section at the top of this page to purchase.

This System 9 Active Cradle + Base Plate is Compatible with an iPhone 5 / 5S Mobile Device

pdfSystem 9 kits are for charging purposes only and designed to work along side an exisiting bluetooth kit. [if you require hands-free calling function please order our Bury system 8 car kit].

Below is a System 9 Base Plate.

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