• NextBase InCarCam 302G Deluxe 2.7" LED Screen Driver Record System HD Dashcam Camera

NextBase InCarCam 302G Deluxe 2.7" LED Screen Driver Record System HD Dashcam Camera

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NextBase InCarCam 302G Deluxe

The Nextbase iN-CAR CAM NBDVR302G can record video up to 1080 HD quality with a wide F2.0 aperture to provide the crisp footage. Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected and you have something to prove that an incident was not your fault with instant evidence to back up any insurance claim. Record the most weird and wonderful events that unfold infront of you, from road-rage to meteorites!
The 302G model has inbuilt GPS and G force sensors that can track your speed, location and force data. This information is all presented along side your video using Google Maps during playback on your PC which can give crucial detail in the event of an insurance claim or witness account.
  • 2.7" 16:9 LED Screen
    • Large, bright and clear screen making viewing playback and menu functions easy
  • 1080 High Definition recording
    • Provides an HD image, allowing you to record every unexpected moment
  • 120 degree Ultra Wide viewing angle
    • Captures any detail at the very edge of a drivers vision, including cars coming in from the side/changing lanes
  • G Sensor and GPS
    • G sensor data protection automatically senses a crash and saves the video files before, during and after so they are not overwritten or corrupted. 3 Axis G forces are also recorded and shown graphically along side your video files. GPS data records speed and location information which is shown on Google Maps. This can help provide all important detail in the case of an incident.
  • 4G Lens
    • Four-Element Sharp Lenses, made up of 4 layers of glass provides stunning clear and non-deformed images
  • Photo Mode
    • You will always have a camera in the car to take still images to use as further accident evidence

NextBase InCarCam 302G Deluxe

  • Bright, clear 2.7 inch 16:9 LED screen for easy viewing
  • 120 degree wide angle view with 1080 High Definition recording
  • Instant evidence to support insurance claims to help prove an incident was not your fault
  • Four-Element Sharp Lenses made with 4 layers of glass to provide stunning clear images
  • Built in GPS and G sensor record location and force data
  • Parking mode detects motion and automatically records whilst your car is parked
  • Photo mode allows you to take still images for further evidence
  • Easy to Install with included 12v power cable and window mount
  • SOS data protection prevents the event/impact recording from being deleted
  • Loop recording prevents recording from stopping even with the SD card is full
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 5.4 x 2.6 cm (WxHxD)
  • Requires SD card class 6-10 up to 32GB
  • Type : In Car Video Camera
  • Video : Up to 1080 HD video recording
  • Lens : 4G sharp glass lens. 120 degree viewing angle
  • Screen Size : 2.7 inch 16:9 LED
  • Dimensions : 105.5mm(L) x 54.4mm(W) x 26.1mm(D)
  • Supports USB? : Yes
  • Memory Card Support : SD Card. Max 32GB
  • Player Weight : 101g
  • Standard Mount : Click & Go windscreen mount
  • 32GB SD card recording time : 8.6hrs
**Don't worry your Nextbase dash cam will automatically loop so you never miss a thing**

NextBase InCarCam 302G Deluxe

NextBase InCarCam 302G Deluxe Compatibility Chart

Car ModelYearRadio DescriptionNotes
All vehicles

Camera Spec
Advance Features GPS, Display , Screen
Resolution Full HD

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